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Galaxy Intro

Intro sequence for online live event

A major pharmaceutical company asked me to produce an intro sequence for one of their internal sales event. They had a major break through on one of their cancer treatment medications and held an online event to inform and motivate their sales staff about the new product. The company uses images of space and galaxies as elements of their corporate image and design. I was briefed to translate their CI/CD guidelines into an animated sequence. I cannot show the rest of the sequence because of a NDA agreement. In the undisclosed part, a few interviews with medical professionals where shown on the triangular shards of the galaxy.

I used Adobe After Effects with Trapcode Particular and Plexus for the animation.

My roles:
Art Director
2.5D Motion Design

Still Frames


Client: Pharma (confidential)
Production: Yu Kisami
Director: Adrian Suter
Storyboard: Adrian Suter
Art Director: Adrian Suter
Animation: Adrian Suter
Compositing / Editing: Adrian Suter