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Sea level rise awareness campaign

ImageMILL Tokyo approached me to design and animate a short movie for Greenpeace Japan. The video should be aimed at the general people in Japan in order to raise awareness about climate change and its immediate impact on sea level rise. The South Korean branch of Greenpeace had already carried out similar actions. I was asked to make the Japanese version more visually appealing and to work with ImageMILL to develop a more compelling narrative. We came up with the plan to convey the message by making the film appear to be a futuristic news flash. To give it a more dramatic edge, we opted to use stock footage of severe weather and flooding. Actual maps of Japanese regions from Greenpeace's climate central website, including forecasts of the extent of flooding by 2050, had to be used throughout the video.

Given that this was a low-budget production for an NGO, it was challenging to create high-quality images and design within a constrained time frame. I was lucky to find a very detailed and accurate 3D city model of Tokyo at Project PLATEAU by the City Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport of Japan.

First, we drew out a rough storyboard and did some research and look development. After approval of these first steps we went into production of the final video and a teaser trailer for social media.

My roles:
Art Director
Executive Producer
3D Design and Animation
2D Motion Design
Color correction

Look Development

We put together a range of different looks for the client to choose from.

Still Frames


Client: Greenpeace Japan
Production: imageMILL / Keishi Ueda
Director: Richard Grehan / Adrian Suter
Art Director: Adrian Suter
3D Animation: Adrian Suter
3D Shading / Lighting: Margit Gassner
Compositing / Editing: Adrian Suter