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M-Industry: Sustainability Roadmap

Corporate identity film

Responsibility and sustainability are a fundamental principle in everything M-Industry does. Its production is energy efficient, it guarantees the traceability of raw materials and products and it has transparent processes in place. These fundamental values had to be communicated with the help of this film.

I was in charge of the whole production and took on several design and animation tasks as well. I brought in a few very talented artists to support me and outsourced certain assignments to them. Thank you for your awesome work Bruno Conti, Martine Ulmer and Christian Schwaller!

My roles:
Concept Development
Art Director
3D Design and Animation
3D Computer Simulation
2D Motion Design

Still Frames


Client: MGB
Client Producer: Andrea Schlenker
Client Creative Director: Bruno Boll
Producer: Adrian Suter
Director: Adrian Suter
Concept: Bruno Conti, Adrian Suter
Production Design: Adrian Suter
Storyboard: Bruno Conti, Adrian Suter
3D Artists: Christian Schwaller, Adrian Suter
2D Animation: Martine Ulmer, Adrian Suter
Compositing: Adrian Suter
Sounddesign: UKO AG, Adrian Strebel, Danilo Raggini