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Migros Bank

Corporate image film

Migros Medien approached me with an assignment to produce two animated corporate image films for Migros Bank. The first was aimed at the general public with the goal to attract new customers. The second was designed to attract new employees. The message of both films was about the core values of the bank towards its customers and employees.

The creative team at Migros Medien already sold the idea of "something with ink in water visuals" to the client, before I was involved. Using these visual ideas and their core messages, I created a script and storyboard. Having received approval of these, I moved to Japan for six months to work in a shared office space in Tokyo.

Maya was used for simulating the ink drops, as well as animating the camera movement and other 3D elements. In After Effects, I composited a stack of many effects to achieve the painted look.

I enjoyed working on this project with a great client and a great team.

My roles:
Concept Development
Art Director
3D Design and Animation
3D Computer Simulation
Color correction

Die Migros Bank als Arbeitgeberin

Welcoming potential employees


Two Epanels for point of sales advertising inside all of the banks brach offices.

Still Frames


Client: Migros Bank
Client Representatives: Matthias Hunn, Oliver Estermann, Loredana Bamert-Carrabs
Migros Medien: Bruno Boll, Laila Müller Boonya, Nicole Tschanz, Roland Linder
Producer: Adrian Suter
Production Assistant: Margit Gassner
Director: Adrian Suter
Concept: Adrian Suter, Christian Zogg
Production Design: Adrian Suter
Storyboard: Christian Zogg
3D Artists: Christian Schwaller, Adrian Suter, Margit Gassner, Semir Saleh
Computer Simulation: Adrian Suter
Compositing: Adrian Suter, Giordano Canova
Sounddesign: UKO AG