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Rigaku NEX DE VS

Product sales video

A product sales video for Rigaku corporation aimed at scientists and research facilities in order to sell their high tech variable spot bench-top EDXRF Spectrometer. In collaboration with Danielle Kelly at New Media Eye. Danielle developed the script in close contact with the leading researchers, engineers and media department at Rigaku. It is part of a series we made of several of their high tech products.

I was in charge of art direction and production of all cgi content and compositing. 3D lighting, shading and rendering I subcontracted to Margit Gassner at Lilou Studio. Rigaku provided CAD data of their products for us to generate high quality 3D rendered content. All the technical and explanatory sections I created under the instruction of their leading scientists. It was extremely interesting to learn about the science behind these machines.

This was the first video of the series and we were still experimenting with some of the elements that later defined the look of all our videos.

My roles:
CG Director
Art Director
3D Design and Animation
2D Motion Design

Still Frames


Client: Rigaku Corporation
Production: New Media Eye, Danielle Kelly
Writer/ Director/ Editor: Danielle Kelly
CG Director/ Art Director/ Compositing: Adrian Suter
CG Shading/ Texturing/ Rendering: Margit Gassner
Recording Studio: G-Angle
Narrator: Simon Loveday (MT Globe)