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The Migros Group Code of Conduct

A fun way to educate employees

A short film about the code of conduct of the Migros Group. Designed to educate it's employees and partners on the topic.

The headquaters of Migros Group made the decision to introduce an official code of conduct for all it's employees and partners. Because not everyone in such a big corporation enjoyes reading legal documents, we came up with an idea to entertain them while reading the matter to them. The creative team at MGB was inspired by the artist Péter Csákvári, aka Tiny Wasteland. They asked me to create a story with tiny people and products made by Migros Group.

After designing the script and storyboard we photographed the products and props in a studio. We matched the camera in 3D and then animated the characters in Maya and comped everything together in Nuke and After Effects.

I enjoyed making this film very much. I had a very talented team and everyone was super motivated. A big thank you to everyone involved here!

My roles:
Concept Development
Art Director
3D Animation

Still Frames


Client: Migros Genossenschafts Bund, MGB
Client representatives: Andrea Moser, Philip Lang
Client Creative Director: Bruno Boll
Producer: Adrian Suter
Director: Adrian Suter
Concept: Adrian Wisard / Adrian Suter
Camera: Greg Amgwerd
Production Design: Adrian Suter
Storyboard: Christian Zogg
3D Artists: Christian Schwaller, Milos May
3D Animation: Pablo Kirschke, Adrian Suter
Compositing: Giordano Canova, Adrian Suter
Sounddesign: UKO AG, Adrian Strebel, Danilo Raggini, Claudio Strebel